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Our international network is now known as the Open Architecture Collaborative. Please do visit our new website to engage and learn about what we have been up to recently. This website is no longer being updated. 

2015: Big Moves

Where we work

"United we stand, stronger than ever"

Despite the unfortunate news that our parent organization has chosen to discontinue operations and close their San Francisco based office, the Architecture for Humanity Chapter Network is eager to continue our work. 57 chapters consisting of thousands of volunteers around the world provide pro-bono design services, advocacy, and training within our local communities.


AFH Chapters have tapped into the growing enthusiasm of the design profession for a socially conscious practice, offering a space for residents, community leaders, designers and non-profits to convene and build visions of a more inclusive future. We will continue to act as facilitators, fundraisers, teachers, community organizers, designers and listeners for those in need. The commitment of this network of volunteers remains unwavering and we vow to continue supporting our local communities.


We believe design is a right, not a privilege. We organize today gathering our team of over 20,000 global volunteers to adapt to the changing climate of the design profession and to strengthen our commitment to advancing the mission of humanitarian design. True to our grassroots form, we are determined, agile, and resilient. We are ready for the challenges of this new year and are looking towards a brighter future. United we stand, stronger than ever.


- AFH Chapter Network, January 2015

Steering Committee

The transitional Steering Committee composed of representatives from each of our active global regions - the very members who organize local chapters. Responsible for setting the course for the Chapter Network's autonomy, the committee currently meets weekly to discuss progress and make decisions by consensus. The members were selected from a regional nominating process.


Current Steering Committee members, by region:


Latin America: Ricardo Daza (Bogota); Magdelena Mercado (Guadalajara)

North American Midwest: Matthew Joiner (Denver); Tom Veed (Chicago)

North American East: Josef Fuentes (Washington, DC); Rachel Starobinsky (New York)

North American West (rotating): Rachel Baily (Portland); Karl Johnson (San Francisco); Hector Puga (Los Angeles)

North American South (rotating): Chandra Farley (Atlanta); Danielle Key-Odis (Dallas); Kim Raborn (Houston); Michael Vega (New Orleans)

Europe/Africa: Katherine McNeil (London); Taye Olajide (Abuja)

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